SilverStripe and Consumer Protection worked together to redesign a better website that helps both consumers and business find information relevant to them, quickly.

Project Background

Consumer Protection helps to shape consumer policies and surface information to New Zealand consumers about goods and services available. SilverStripe was approached to help redesign and refresh the Consumer Protection website.

Presenting content that is relevant to either consumers or business users was one of the primary drivers for the project. This information architecture challenge was addressed through the use of clear and concise labelling and wayfinding iconography, making it simple for consumers and businesses to find information relevant to them specifically. The addition of the “Resolve a problem” section was also significant in helping visitors to filter and categorise their problems to then retrieve relevant information.

Another challenge that needed to be addressed was that of visitor drop off. With a lot of information and resources available on the site, there needed to be a way for information to be found quickly without drilling down too deep into the site. SilverStripe solved the drop off concern with an expanding menu that surfaced pages up to 3 levels deep in an uncluttered and elegant manner. The menu drill down was built be responsive on desktop and mobile devices.

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