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Here are the people who make Silverstripe happen!
Adrian Jimson 1

Adrian Jimson Developer

Aidan Forrest 2

Aidan Forrest Business Development Manager

Akash Gopani 2

Akash Gopani IT Support Engineer

Andrew Aitken Fincham 1

Andrew Paxley Platform Engineer Team Lead

Andrew Dunn 1

Andrew Dunn Senior Developer

Anna Zabielski 1

Anna Zabielski Business Support Coordinator

Anne Read 2

Anne Read Finance Manager

Ashlee Naidoo 2

Ashlee Naidoo Security Analyst

Ashley Mueller 2

Ashley Mueller Service Designer

Ben Percy 1

Ben Percy Developer

Bernie Hamlin 1

Bernie Hamlin Technical Lead

Beth McPhail 1

Beth McPhail Senior Experience Designer

Bryan Lennon 1

Bryan Lennon Senior People & Culture Business Partner

Cassie Zoest 1

Cassie Zoest Junior Experience Designer

Charitha Punchinilame 2

Charitha Punchinilame Junior Platform Support Engineer

Chris Penny 2

Chris Penny Principal Developer

Dani Wright 2

Dani Wright Senior Experience Designer

Ed Wilde 1

Ed Wilde Principal Developer

Edel Sweeney 1

Edel Sweeney Account Director

Florence Suckling 2

Flo Suckling Delivery Lead

Francis Stevens 1

Francis Stevens Business Development Manager

Frank Mullenger 2

Frank Mullenger Solution Architect

Giovanni Gambassi 1

Giovanni Gambassi Developer

Ishan Jayamanne 2

Ishan Jayamanne Technical Lead

James Ford 1

James Ford Creative Director

James Zhu 1

James Zhu Developer

Janaki Saba 1

Janaki Saba Platform Operations Director

Jared Dreyer 1

Jared Dreyer Senior Developer

Jay Gandhi 1

Jay Gandhi Junior Platform Support Engineer

Jeremy Cole 1

Jere Cole Senior Developer

Joby Francis 1

Joby Francis Lead Site Reliability Engineer

Joe Ede 2

Joe Ede Delivery Director

John Oppler 1

John Oppler Principal Systems Administrator

Katie Elks 2

Katie Elks Senior Delivery Lead

Kris McGlashan 1

Kris McGlashan Delivery Director

Kylie Brown 2

Kylie Brown Business Operations Specialist

Leanne Henderson 2

Leanne Henderson Platform Experience Manager

Lianna Gonlag 1

Lianna Gonlag Developer

Linda Dang 1

Linda Trang Dai Dang Accounts Administrator

Lu Alarcon 2

Lu Alarcon Delivery Practice Director

Marco Hermo 1

Marco Hermo Principal Developer

Mark Adriano 1

Mark Adriano Developer

Mateusz Uzdowski 1

Mateusz Uzdowski Principal Platform Engineer

Matt Neumann 2

Matt Neumann Account Director

Maxime Rainville 2

Maxime Rainville Principal Product Developer

Melissa Wu 1

Melissa Wu Developer

Michel Alkhouri 2

Michel Alkhouri Test Manager

Mike Nuguid 2

Mike Nuguid Senior Developer

Mohamed Alsharaf 1

Mo Alsharaf Principal Developer

Mojmir Fendek 2

Mojmir Fendek Principal Developer

Nathan Pilalis 1

Nathan Pilalis Account Director

Nick square

Nick Vujcich Chief Digital Officer

Noel Griffin 1

Noel Griffin Technical Sales Lead

Oscar Urrutia 1

Oscar Urrutia Experience Designer

Pete Lister 1

Pete Lister Chief Solutions Officer

Phillip King 2

Phillip King Developer

Robin Barling 2

Robin Barling Platform Engineer

Sabina Talipova 1

Sabina Talipova Developer

Sam Minnee 1

Sam Minnée Director / Co-founder

Scott Hutchinson 2

Scott Hutchinson Principal Developer

Scott Sutherland 1

Scott Sutherland Senior Developer

Shawn Gray 2

Shawn Gray Developer

Sinny Wei 1

Sinny Wei People & Culture Advisor

Stephen Makrogianni 2

Stephen Makrogianni Solutions Director

Steve Boyd 2

Steve Boyd Senior Developer

Tobias square

Tobias Oschwald Chief Operating Officer

Tobie Jayme 1

Tobie Jayme Senior Developer

Tony Bennett 1

Tony Bennett Platform Service Desk Manager

Upinder Kumar 1

Upinder Kumar Junior Platform Support Engineer

Vivienne Tubbs 1

Vivienne Tubbs Developer

Wayne Yarr 1

Wayne Yarr Chief Executive Officer

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