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The ideal content management system (CMS) for managing your website, intranet, or web app securely. SilverStripe CMS works to empower your teams and create outstanding digital experiences for your users.

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It's the CMS built with your teams in mind

When you choose SilverStripe CMS, you're making a significant improvement to your teams ability to deliver on your web projects. Our easy-to-use CMS helps make managing your large, complex websites pain-free. We like to keep things clean, simple, and easy-to-use. As a highly customisable CMS, the flexibility you get with SilverStripe CMS means your content editors can update your website, without depending on your designers or developers. 

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Pair it with our SilverStripe Framework

With SilverStripe as an ideal CMS for your content teams, it's only right to combine it with a framework that's ideal for your developers. That’s why we built SilverStripe Framework—a PHP web application framework that can be used standalone or in harmony with the SilverStripe CMS. Your developers can write and maintain code with ease, with the overhead associated with common programming tasks eliminated. It gives you the tools to create and power the complex web apps you want without having to conform to the rules and constraints of other systems. 


Over the past 15 years, I have used numerous Content Management Systems and I believe the SilverStripe CMS is easily the best in the field. It has a really clever and incredibly easy-to-use interface and will result in administrative time savings of about 60-70 percent.

Kerry Sunderland, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
Website and e-marketing Coordinator

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