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New Zealand Transport Agency

Project background

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) supports Kiwis to move safely and effectively about the country. Millions of visitors use their core website every year, accessing a huge volume of information—more than 15,000 website pages and 90,000 documents.

NZTA wanted their core website to drive greater efficiencies and effectiveness, fulfilling the public’s expectations of self-service and easier access to information. NZTA saw this as an ongoing commitment, seeking to create a sustainable way of continually improving their customers’ digital experience and streamline their web technology.

Several reasons drove the ultimate choice of Silverstripe and the CWP. Cost competitiveness was a baseline, particularly the ability to start with an existing platform and share and reuse as they went. Silverstripe’s strong experience with government agencies and our understanding of how to guide them through these processes was also a factor in the decision to work with us.

Project overview

By using an agile approach they launched the site as a beta over a six-month period, putting services live progressively, receiving feedback and then improving them. That meant throughout the cycle of the project if we saw some feedback coming in on our beta site we could get those changes made because we were still in flight on the project, rather than in final delivery.

A key goal of adopting the CWP was streamlining their web technology, says Paul. As the NZTA has a number of websites that run off different technologies, they’ve worked to integrate them with Silverstripe CMS. Whenever they need a new website, they can build it within the same CMS that runs their other sites which helps them capitalize on Silverstripe CMS core functionality. Having all of their websites managed and maintained in one place has made hosting their digital channels more efficient.

The value Silverstripe offers begins with their partnership approach and them wanting to work with us to achieve really good business outcomes. Ultimately it means that our digital customer experience is improved.

Paul Giles

Manager Communications Channels Services, NZTA

Key outcomes

Using Silverstripe’s approach and technology, the new internal website for NZTA was able to be built in just two weeks. Using CWP, Silverstripe were able to integrate with NZTA’s authentication system, Okta, to provide secure staff access, a mobile interface and the ability to respond to information posted. ”What we noticed was the engagement was so much higher and there was a lot more readership across the content on that site, on the journey to work and the journey home from work,” he says.

“Silverstripe were extremely responsive in terms of building that for us with tight time frames. For them, it wasn’t just a technology project that they needed to get out the door, they were trying to understand what we were trying to achieve as well.”

Services provided

  • Workshops
  • Discovery
  • Creative Strategy
  • Wireframing
  • UX & design
  • Branding
  • Front and back end web development
  • Dedicated testing resource
  • Ongoing UX & UI discussions
  • Project Management
  • Solution Architect consultation
  • Programme Management
  • Account Management

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