About us

Silverstripe's journey began back in 2000, with the vision of three people who are passionate about empowering great digital teams by creating digital platforms for change.

Our mission is simple

We want to help everyone have valued interactions with the organisations that shape modern life. We believe that everyone's lives should improve as technology advances, so we've built the tools to help do just that. 

Meet the team

At the heart of Silverstripe is our team. Built on strong camaraderie, Agile, and a passion for limitless possibilities, our team works together to make your projects happen!

Meet our team

Working with Silverstripe

If you are looking for somewhere special to work alongside great people, while being challenged and supported to grow your career, apply for one of our openings today.

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Our brand

Welcome to our hub for all of Silverstripe's brand guidelines and assets. You can use this area of our site to become familiar with our brand material and learn how to use it when you need to shout out to the community about Silverstripe and our products.