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Research & Website Strategy

We'll work with you from day one of your project to offer strategic direction based on research and discovery.

Design thinking

Our approach to research and strategy combines the process of design thinking and continuous improvement. Design thinking allows us to understand the true human needs involved with decision making. Our hands-on, iterative approach to prototyping and testing leads to innovative solutions that align your organisation with what your customers are really looking for. 

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Workshops are where we define the goals for your project and map out the groundwork for how to achieve those goals. With years of experience facilitating workshops, we know that the key to success is having your team together in one room, sharing their unique insights and inputs. 

We map out customer journeys, wants, and needs, and identify where there are breakdowns and blockers for you providing a valuable experience to your customers. 

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Business analysis

Our teams work closely with you to understand the structure of your organisation, it's processes, and goals. We'll observe your domain and markets, review your internal processes and systems, and conduct stakeholder workshops. These methods help us pin down changes that will make a difference to your organisation. Once we've defined a simplified model of your organisation, we develop a solution that is tailored exclusively to your needs. 

Customer Research

Through the early stages of a project, we help you identify your customers and their current experience with your brand or products. We start with exploratory research, identifying common problems within your market or industry. Following that, we conduct more specific research by talking directly to your customers face-to-face. 

Examples of service design tools we use

Image not foundThe customer journey map is an oriented graph that describes the journey of a user by representing the different touchpoints that characterise their interaction with the service.

The customer journey map provides contextual information about the user that allows you to view the entire customer experience as a path or journey that begins with having a need and ends with having that need met. It allows everyone to gain empathy for your customer beyond the specific tasks they confront. Understanding the customer’s journey – their feelings, motivations and experiences – can help you design a product or feature that guides them towards meeting their needs.

Image not foundWe provide a visual framework that enables designers to “connect the dots of the user experience” to see the different configurations, interfaces, contexts, and results of the interaction with a specific product-service system.

The matrix is built by vertically listing the different devices or contexts that are part of the system and horizontally listing the main actions that are supported by the system itself. Once this structure has been composed, the designer can put a specific persona inside and imagine their journey through the different touchpoints, connecting the related dots.

Image not foundThe personas are archetypes built after an exhaustive observation of the potential users.

Each persona is based on a fictional character whose profile gathers up the features of an existing group. In this way, the personas assume the attributes of the groups they represent: from their social and demographic characteristics, to their own needs, desires, habits, and cultural backgrounds.