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Creating a digital presence for the You’re Cooked fire safety campaign

Fire and Emergency: You’re Cooked

Project background

Silverstripe has enjoyed a long-term partnership with FENZ, designing, developing and hosting their digital platforms. 

1 in 4 house fires start in the kitchen, and 50% of all fatal house fires involve alcohol or drugs. Silverstripe partnered with FENZ to approach this serious issue in a lighthearted creative way to connect with those otherwise disassociated with fire safety, by creating a campaign website to house a collection of humorous and easy recipes that are focused on reducing the number of kitchen fires.

Project scope

The project saw Silverstripe make the most of FENZ’s existing code and design, and create a digital asset that they could re-use for feature campaigns. We worked together to develop a custom campaign template that could use their existing content blocks, but also introduced a custom style and custom blocks that were unique to the ‘You’re Cooked’ campaign.

Project challenges

With a generic digital solution, FENZ would have had to pay for a new website every time they launched a campaign of this calibre with its own visual identity. It was our goal to deliver a lower-cost solution that enabled longevity and customisability, without sacrificing quality.

Key outcomes

Together, Silverstripe and FENZ created an eye-catching, simple “digital cookbook” website that had its own campaign identity within the broader FENZ brand. 

You’re Cooked follows an intuitive structure to deliver the message of the campaign and encourage interaction through social media integration.

Services provided

  • Discovery workshops
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Project management
  • User testing
  • Web development
  • Silverstripe CMS development
  • Managed cloud hosting

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