Workshop personalities

The Ghost

They’re multi-tasking, on-the-go, go-getters. With so much on their plate, it can be hard to be present during a workshop.

Ghosts excel at making tough calls, so their presence and input are valuable. They need to remember to ghost their phone, not the other workshoppers in the room. Ghosts thrive in workshops that dial up the energy, keeping them motivated, engaged and contributing.

Ghost traits

Time poor

Ghosts’ calendars are blocked up. They go from one meeting to the next – making it hard to switch gears or find time to get work done.

Away with the fairies

Ghosts are often planning way-way-way ahead, making it hard to be present in the moment. Grounding exercises help them focus.

Critical thinking

Ghosts are gifted with the ability to see the big picture and think critically. They can quickly unpack a plan, spotting errors and oversights at a glance.

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