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A good discovery process is the best way to ensure you understand your users and the problem you’re trying to solve for them.

What is your workshop personality?

A key part of our discovery process is running workshops with clients and stakeholders. But everyone has a different way of working, and a different way of workshopping. 

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A discovery process tailored to your project

We’ve got experts in user experience, design, information architecture, digital strategy and content. We’ll work with you to understand your users and their pain points, so we can create a digital experience that meets their needs.

Defining the problem

We’ll run a workshop to help you understand the problem you’re trying to solve with your digital project.

Understanding your user

We’ll run a workshop to identify key user groups, pain points, and what they need from your website.

Thinking about how people use the site

Once we understand your users’ goals, we’ll work out a path for them to achieve that goal.

Testing the solution

We’ll test our designs and concepts with real users before we build it to make sure it works for them.

We like Silverstripe's approach. It was honest and they genuinely wanted to understand what we were trying to achieve, as opposed to just selling us a product.

Team Leader - Engagement and Channels

Veterans' Affairs New Zealand

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