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We are a team of introverts and extroverts, dog people and cat people, coffee lovers and energy drink lovers, gamers and makers, cool kids and nerds. 




Adrian Jimson Senior Developer

Amol Wankhede Senior Developer

Amy Wright People & Culture Business Partner

Amy Minty Marketing Manager

Andrew Dunn Senior Developer

Anne Read Finance Manager

Annie Kyles Developer

Arlene McMorran Delivery Lead

Ben Percy Platform Engineer

Bernie Hamlin Technical Lead

Brett Tasker Principal Platform Engineer

Brooke Lord Senior Developer

Cassie Zoest Experience Designer

Cesar Bravo Developer

Charitha Punchinilame Junior Platform Support Engineer

Chris Penny Solutions Architect

Christina Paulsen Chief Solutions Officer

Claire Wright Delivery Director

Craig Willis Sales Director

Dan Close Key Account Manager

Danni Dickson Senior Developer

Dev Sundar Developer

Ed Wilde Principal Developer

Fiona Black Senior Test Analyst

Gabriel Leao Platform Support Engineer

Gina Deshmukh Senior Delivery Lead

Guy Sartorelli Senior Product Developer

Hayden Shaw Principal Developer

Hayley Millard People & Culture Advisor

Hitaishi Trivedi Developer

Ishan Jayamanne Technical Lead

Jackson Darlow Senior Technical Director

James Ford Creative Director

James Zhu Developer

Jared Dreyer Senior Developer

Jeffrey Javier Senior Developer

Jenn McKubre Delivery Director

Jennifer Manibo Sales Operations Specialist

Jere Cole Principal Developer

Jitesh Patel Junior Platform Support Engineer

Joby Francis Platform Engineer

Joe Chamberlain Developer

John Oppler Principal Platform Engineer

Joshua Jury Senior Delivery Lead

Julio Kalolo Delivery Lead

Katie Wiparata Senior Finance Business Partner

Kris McGlashan Delivery Director

Kylie Rose Delivery Lead

Lianna Gonlag Developer

Linda Trang Dai Dang Senior Accounts Administrator

Lu Alarcon Delivery Practice Director

Maira Florez Senior Marketing Coordinator

Mateusz Uzdowski Data Engineer

Matt Patterson Account Director

Michael Eales Business Support Director

Michel Alkhouri Quality Assurance Director

Mike Nuguid Senior Developer

Mo Alsharaf Principal Developer

Mojmir Fendek Principal Developer

Monali Wijesinghe Test Analyst

Nate Devereux Senior Developer

Pack Gaewmaneechot Developer

Phillip King Senior Developer

Prateek Lakhanpal Senior Platform Engineer

Robin Barling Platform Engineer

Ryan Shields Senior Experience Designer

Sabina Talipova Product Developer

Sandy Sonka Platform Support Engineer

Scott Sutherland Senior Developer

Shawn Gray Developer

Simon Haren IT Systems Administrator

Sriram Annayan Delivery Lead

Stephen Makrogianni Solutions Director

Steve Boyd Principal Product Developer

Tamati Kaa Delivery Lead

Tess Ford Office Experience Manager

Tobias Oschwald Chief Executive Officer

Tobie Jayme Senior Developer

Upinder Kumar Junior Platform Support Engineer

Vivienne Tubbs Senior Developer

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