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Our commitment to open source

Open source has enabled thousands across the globe to improve upon the SilverStripe project. At SilverStripe, we don't believe in working alone. It is better to work in the open, invite feedback and encourage others to contribute. This is a key part of the open source ethos, but also affects how we work with clients.

We are strong advocates of open source software. We believe in - and have experienced firsthand - the power of an open developer community. The best way to encourage and create better software is to have people contribute back to the main code base and share their work with others. In November 2006 we released the SilverStripe CMS as a free, open source download, followed by the SilverStripe Framework in 2012. We chose to release under the BSD licence because we consider it the most business-friendly and developer-friendly licence.

Open sourcing our software has been a far bigger success for our company than we could have imagined. The global interest in SilverStripe the company, and SilverStripe the product has been astounding. We have seen strong growth in adoption of our software around the globe. In addition, many of our larger customers are now developing unique and novel solutions on top of SilverStripe and are integrating our software deep into their own product offerings.

As the technology industry evolves and open source is increasingly becoming the default option for businesses, organisations and government, SilverStripe will remain at the centre of this evolution and help push awareness and adoption not only for open source, but also for related concepts such as open data.

Supporting the open source community

We're passionate about the SilverStripe open source project. We support the continual development of SilverStripe open source software.

Open source

Our open source development team

SilverStripe CMS and Framework is open sourced meaning it is continuously improved by hundreds of developers across the globe. SilverStripe Ltd facilitates the product roadmap gathering community input and prioritising new features.

We also have a dedicated in house development team that is tasked with creating substantial improvements to SilverStripe CMS and Framework for the whole community to benefit from.

Open source roadmap

Community curation

We're passionate about open source and support the SilverStripe community activities internationally. We host meetups and hackfests, provide hosting and developer resource for key community knowledge assets like forums and documentation, and help develop the roadmap alongside the project core committers (made up of internal and external members).

We help develop the future of our web industry by fostering young developer talent through mentoring and internship programs (read what it's like to intern at SilverStripe through Summer of Tech). If you have an idea to grow the SilverStripe open source community get in touch, we'd love to help!

Open source community

Open source education

To help developers get up to speed and creating great applications with SilverStripe we provide a number of free educational resources including online lessons. 

We start with the topics like creating a theme and adding new templates. Later, we progress into more complex topics like forms, data relationships, dependency injection, and more. New tutorials come out frequently, and questions get prompt responses.

Check out the developer lessons

Here's what our community has to say...

Here's what they have to say...

Devs with some spare time, why not watch the @silverstripe lesson videos?" @_UncleCheese_ has done a great job (Colin Tucker)

Yes, it's an excellent video series. Smart move getting @_UncleCheese_ on board at @silverstripe. Congrats - keep them coming!  (Alan Coggins)

Just want to say I'm so happy with your choice of narrator for the learn videos. I want him to read me bedtime stories. (Tim Kinnane)