Who we are

We believe everyone's lives should improve as technology advances. Our mission is to help everyone have valued interactions with the organisations that shape modern life. 

SilverStripe's history


Founded back in 2000, we now have 80 staff, partners throughout the world, and 400+ freelance developers and agencies. Together, our founders Sam MinnĂ©e, Tim Copeland, and Sigurd Magnusson brought SilverStripe to life. Starting as SilverStripe CMS, we now offer a full range of services, as well as SilverStripe Cloud Platform to deliver outstanding user experiences to anyone who works with SilverStripe.  

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Meet the team

At the heart of SilverStripe is our team. Built on strong camaraderie, Agile, and a passion for limitless possibilities, our team works with clients that shape your modern life. We've helped our clients build projects that have transformed their organisations—meet the people who make it happen!

Meet our team

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Interested in seeing what work we have done with our clients? Check it out here!

Our work

Our approach

Our core values, Agile methodologies, and ability to create valuable interactions influences how we work with our clients.

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Open source

Our open source culture extends to openly sharing what we learn and affects how we work with our clients. 

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