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Open Source

We've experienced firsthand the power of the open source community, which is why we believe in using the open source ethos with our clients. 

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 At SilverStripe, we don't believe in working alone—we are strong advocates of open source ideology. It is better to work in the open, invite feedback, and encourage others to contribute. The best way to encourage and create better software is to have people contribute back to the main code base and share their work with others. Our open source culture is at the core of our business and extends to openly sharing what we learn. This is a key part of being in the open source community, but also affects how we work with you.

In November 2006, we released the SilverStripe CMS as an open source download, followed by the SilverStripe Framework in 2012. We chose to release our software under the BSD licence because we consider it the most organisation-friendly and developer-friendly licence. In fact, due to SilverStripe being an open source software, many of our clients have been able to develop unique solutions on top of SilverStripe, and are integrating our software deep into their own product offerings.

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Open sourcing our software has been a far bigger success for our company and our clients than we could have imagined. Open source has enabled thousands of people across the globe to improve upon the SilverStripe project with us. The global interest in SilverStripe has been astounding—we have seen strong growth in adoption of our software around the globe.

We open sourced SilverStripe because we want to maximise our impact, and because working together, in the open, results in better software. Being open means being vulnerable, and you can't always be in control, but it's a better way of contributing to the world and it's at the heart of who we are.

Sam Minnée, CEO & Co-founder, SilverStripe