Maintain & Support

With our experts at Silverstripe, we can maintain and support your website to make sure it follows best practice to keep your site secure, reliable, and running efficiently. 

Code Reviews

Your website code should follow a set of best practice guidelines to keep everything clear and consistent. When our teams review your code, they focus on our best practice areas like:

  • Alignment with Silverstripe CMS coding conventions
  • Appropriate use of the architecture & tools offered by Silverstripe Cloud
  • Use of undesirable APIs

We'll also examine your code for any potential vulnerabilities. 

Performance reviews

We need to make sure that your site can handle whatever your customers throw its way so you don't miss out on capturing their attention. Our performance review considers:

  • The capacity of your website under load and where issues may arise such as CPU, RAM, and disk space

We'll provide you with a written report and Q&A session, allowing your development team to consider, understand, and resolve any feedback we give them.

Architectural Guidance

Silverstripe Solution Architects can provide proactive guidance on architectural decisions from the outset of your project.

CMS Upgrades

We will upgrade your website when mutually agreed to new bug fix and minor releases of Silverstripe CMS.

Security Upgrades

With Silverstripe Cloud, security patches are developed and passed over to your team to be tested and implemented. 


Custom Code Support

We will resolve defects in the existing features on your website, be they in our product or in your custom code, within the agreed timeframes.


Continuous Integration

We can run your project's tests on our Continuous Integration server and detect issues early and know whether changes to your website are likely to cause bugs.  

Service Level Agreements

We offer contracted SLAs covering the uptime and performance of your application, environment, and infrastructure. 

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Code Care

Designed to work with Silverstripe Cloud, Code Care allows you to take advantage of our platform experts to support and take care of all the important ongoing tasks that keep your website secure and up-to-date.

We fine tune, monitor, and update your website so it runs smoothly and securely. Our teams are also on hand to resolve issues with code, do bug fixes, and give you access to our solution architects for the highest level of consultation. 

Code Care Essentials

Upgrades and patches

  • Up to six Silverstripe CMS upgrades per year (minor upgrades and patches)
  • Updates of critical security patches

Standard code support

  • Expert advisory services available at standard rates

Code Care Complete

Upgrades and patches

  • Up to six Silverstripe CMS upgrades per year (minor upgrades and patches)
  • Updates of critical security patches

Priority code support

  • Reserved developer support hours
  • Preferential rates
  • Priority advisory services
  • Access to solution architect advisory