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SilverStripe Cloud Platform is our fully managed Platform-as-a-Service that lets you focus on creating outstanding experiences for your users while our experts silence the distractions of your platform for you.

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Harness the skills of the people who are experts in SilverStripe's secure, open source software. We offer a fully managed cloud platform designed to run, support, and protect your SilverStripe applications. We also offer a flexible range of support options to suit your platform needs. 

SilverStripe Cloud Platform is designed for organisations who treat their digital services as key strategic assets, and for the developers that enable them.

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Flexible support options

The live launch of your new website is only day one of its life. Beyond your launch, your website needs care and attention to ensure that it continues to run smoothly, and to be up-to-date with the technology it runs on.

With our Expert Support, we take care of ongoing improvements, security patches, bug fixes, and upgrades to your platform.

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Using AWS cloud hosting and SilverStripe Cloud Platform management helps us get the best performance out of our SilverStripe site.

Nick Fitt, Online Systems Support Manager, Skinny Mobile