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Silence security distractions

SilverStripe Platform takes care of the many day to day security related maintenance burdens for your business's website and server applications. Operate your website knowing you're protected and the SilverStripe Platform support team has your back.

Ongoing security issues take you away from development

Web applications need to be continually maintained to remain secure. Each day dozens of security advisories are released that may affect the security of your server, databases, operating system and open source software. If you discover a vulnerability in your environments, you’ll need to quickly develop a patch to protect your business from downtime or more malicious outcomes.

This often means dropping everything else to ensure you can react quickly. On top of this, human error on modifications are common and can introduce further security issues to your environments. Even if your environment configuration is scripted and version controlled, access to configuration is commonly distributed across technical staff without well-defined access roles.

Features SecurityIssues

Stop reacting, start focusing

A reactive approach to security often results in dropping everything to deal with the latest “fire”. Pulling web teams off projects to fix security issues results in lost time, lost revenue and frustrates teams. This can disrupt projects and derail deadlines.

SilverStripe Platform takes a proactive approach to keep your web sites and applications one step ahead of malicious attacks. Access to system components is separated and enforced to ensure high security and auditability. You can focus on developing great applications while we take care of protecting them.

SilverStripe Platform Security Features

Features Server SecurityServer Security

    Best practice configuration of preset firewall and network rules
    Server environment security managed by SilverStripe Platform support team
    Continuous monitoring of security advisories
    Patches quickly developed and applied to keep you secure

Features Application SecurityApplication security

    Advance notice of potential security issues affecting SilverStripe CMS
    Custom patches unique to your environment are developed
    SilverStripe CMS patches are packaged ready for testing and deployment when it best suits you

Features Access ControlAccess controls

    Clearly defined roles with all developers able to deploy to testing environments
    Actions are logged and auditable
    Access to critical systems and their configuration is managed by the SilverStripe Platform support team
    SilverStripe Platform aligns well with rigorous IT service management approaches such as ITIL

Additional security features

Additional security features

Features Firewall ProtectWeb Application Firewall (WAF)

Traffic to your website can be routed via a Web Application Firewall for an improved level of security. WAF help to filter out malicious traffic from legitimate traffic visiting your website. This helps mitigate downtime from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), common cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection attacks on your site.

Features Code CareCode Care

With Code Care, our SilverStripe Platform Support Team looks after the custom SilverStripe CMS code created by your web team. With a deeper understanding of your application we can test custom patches and deploy on your behalf. 

Features DLwhitepaper

Customer feedback

Security is crucial and the Platform stood up to testing by third party assessment before launch. It’s great to know that our site will continue to remain secure as the SilverStripe Platform team are monitoring security advisories and proactively patching to prevent vulnerabilities


When the POODLE security threat was discovered, Skinny’s site was patched within 24 hours, limiting chances for a malicious attack. Skinny can be confident that their vital business channel will be kept secure and protected by SilverStripe Platform.

Read the full case study here.

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