Innovation Week July 2023

12 July 2023

Silverstripe Team

Silverstripe Team

12 July 2023

The next Innovation Week at Silverstripe is happening this month in July!

What is Innovation Week?

Innovation Week at Silverstripe is a week-long event that gives us all the opportunity to focus on building a culture of innovation. The peak of Innovation Week is three days of dedicated innovation where participants lead a self-directed innovation project.


Innovation begins with curiosity, and at Silverstripe, we foster a culture of questioning and exploration. During Innovation Week, our team of talented developers, designers, engineers, and contributors are given the freedom to delve into uncharted territories and new ideas.


We believe innovation thrives in an environment where ideas are shared, nurtured, and refined. Collaboration is at the heart of our Innovation Week, as we combine our diverse skill sets and perspectives to pursue new ideas and ways of thinking. Whether it's brainstorming sessions or cross-functional collaborations, we understand that the magic of innovation happens when minds come together.

Failure & experimentation

Innovation is a journey filled with triumphs and setbacks. At Silverstripe, we celebrate failure as an essential part of the innovation process. Innovation Week provides a safe space for experimentation, where participants are encouraged to take risks and show what they’ve learned along the way. By embracing failure, we pave the way for breakthroughs and foster a culture of resilience and continuous improvement.

Are you excited yet? We can't wait to see what discoveries will emerge from this Innovation Week!

Silverstripe Team


Silverstripe Team

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