Holding it down for StripeCon EU 2022 – Somewhere in Stockholm

29 September 2022

Maxime Rainville

Maxime Rainville

29 September 2022

Earlier this month, StripeConEU 2022 was hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. Myself and our newly appointed Partner Manager, Noel Griffin had the pleasure of representing Silverstripe in-person, while our colleagues Beth McPhail, Mojmir Fendek, Jackson Darlow, Guy Sartorelli & CEO, Wayne Yarr addressed the conference remotely from New Zealand.

CMS Squad Lead, Maxime Rainville, and Silverstripe Partner Manager, Noel Griffin, enjoying a beer.

After two consecutive years of a fully remote StripeCon EU, it was a delight to finally have the opportunity to hang out with members of the European Silverstripe CMS community in the flesh.

After spending several months working through our new Major Release Policy and the plan for Silverstripe CMS 5, I was so happy to finally be able to pull the curtain back, to let the community know how we reached those decisions, and to get some valuable, direct feedback.

Maxime talking about Silverstripe CMS 5 and beyond.

It was awesome to see all the amazing projects using Silverstripe CMS, from Innovatif building a solution to support Slovenian young people with #tosemjaz, to North Creation Agency creating Headless first solutions.

I especially enjoyed hearing from Leo Thornton about how Made Media has integrated a Pattern Library system into their development, to speed up their production cycle and make it easier for designers to collaborate with developers. Not to mention the plethora of other speakers and lightning talks, which really dug deep into the myriad uses that Silverstripe CMS can be put to!

Watch the talks here if you’re interested to learn more.

Being my first trip to Europe, it was also wonderful to explore Stockholm — a truly magnificent city with a rich history.

StripeCon attendees mingling.

On behalf of everyone at Silverstripe, I want to extend a big thank you to S2Hub for once again putting on an amazing event, and to Herbert Cuba Garcia from North Creation Agency for showing us such a great time.

Looking forward to StripeCon EU 2023!

Maxime Rainville


Maxime Rainville

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