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Elise Semisi

Agile Project Manager

Elise Semisi

Elise is one of SilverStripe’s Agile Project Managers.

With 10+ years working in the public sector, Elise has worked over 7 of those years at frontline, before taking up an opportunity with an IT project. The initial role was as a Subject Matter Expert, which then developed into a Product Owner and part time Scrum Master. Since joining the project, he has embraced this new concept of ‘Agile’ and has been hungry to learn more and has a strong desire to spread the good of word Agile.

Meeting new people and listening to their views is one thing that Elise thrives on, as he’s able to gauge people’s thought patterns, gather their view on issues, but mainly to expand his views and use the information as a form of personal development. Elise strives to make the work environment a fun and safe place to work, as these are key ingredients to a successful work place and team.

Elise is a proud Samoan/Tokelauan, where spending time with family and friends is very important, as this is key to a work life balance and is something he stands by. Elise and his wife are big time Rugby and League fans, where he is a loyal (Auckland) Blues and NZ Warriors fan and he’s not ashamed to show it.