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SilverStripe Website Technology Spreads with Launch of Global Partner Program

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - For release from: 2PM Wednesday 6 May 2009 NZST.

SilverStripe Expands Horizons Globally

SilverStripe has today significantly expanded its global reach. From today, its corporate headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand, is complemented by partnerships with established companies in 8 locations throughout the US, UK, Europe, and Australia.

The Partner Program gives customers access to professional SilverStripe skills and knowledge across the globe. Today's milestone will allow businesses around the world to get local professional SilverStripe support and services. Additionally, the Partner Program will accelerate market adoption and awareness of SilverStripe globally.

Customers across the world can now visit to find a local SilverStripe partner who can help implement their SilverStripe solution.

SilverStripe Technology Seen as Next Generation

SilverStripe Content Management System (CMS) is a modern platform used to construct and manage websites, web applications, and intranets. Released two years ago, it is open source and has been downloaded over 150,000 times. The CMS last year powered the US Democratic Party's National Convention website, streaming live speeches by Barack Obama, and serving 3.2 billion hits over 96 hours.

SilverStripe's focus on usability and well-built architecture is making it popular within government and established businesses. Because the SilverStripe CMS is free, it is also very popular with small businesses and with web developers.

Web industry expert Bryan Ruby of says that SilverStripe's technology is considered to be setting a new global standard for web and CMS technology. Bryan evaluated SilverStripe while judging the 2008 Packtpub Open Source CMS awards, in which SilverStripe won the 'Most Promising' category:

"SilverStripe CMS is firmly planted in a new generation of web content management systems. The ease, power, and flexibility of the user interface is an aspiration for its competitors. Quite simply, with SilverStripe it is easier to add pages, links, images, and do all the other typical tasks of managing a website. Under the hood, it also has a lot of good things going for it. Most other web and CMS platforms have awkward codebases that are difficult to customize and upgrade. There is an emerging trend to solve this by cleanly separating a CMS into two things: a well-architected object oriented code framework, and a user interface for content and site management. Several key players are heading down this path, but SilverStripe is unique because it has a two year lead. SilverStripe has had this architecture from day one, and is now perfecting it, rather than working towards the trend."

Formalising a Growing Open Source Community

SilverStripe CMS is open source software; the source code and documentation are all publicly available at no cost. A community of website developers has quickly grown around the technology—it has been adopted by thousands of website developers as their platform of preference. As individuals and companies become more familiar with the SilverStripe CMS, they seek recognition for their competency and experience. The Partner Program begins to address this, by giving established companies formal recognition as the go-to people for SilverStripe in their geographic location.

Paul Wander, Sales and Marketing Director at Ibuildings says, "As one of Europe's most sophisticated and largest enterprise PHP companies, Ibuildings are always seeking out advances in the PHP marketplace. SilverStripe is a great product, filled with modern best practice architecture. It gives our PHP professionals more freedom and efficiency in their work. We partnered with SilverStripe because we see a quickly growing market for SilverStripe-based work in Europe, and we are already working with the SilverStripe company to capitalise on this."

Helping Customers Connect with Local Proficiency

Organisations wanting projects built on our technology contact us daily. This is because we offer a full range of services from strategy, design, and development, to hosting and support. Being based in New Zealand, however, makes it hard for some organisations who want to have the assurances associated with having a local partner. Unable to find local SilverStripe proficiency, these prospective customers sometimes end up using other products. To remedy this situation, we sought partners in geographic regions where we were seeing this happen. When seeking partners, we looked to companies with an established market presence and a history of using SilverStripe. This included evaluating their market leadership status, staff size, length of time in business, and ability to offer SilverStripe services.

It is very important to ensure partners can handle the opportunities given to them. To address this, partners will continue to have a strong connection back to SilverStripe company headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand. This means they will have access to technical support, mentoring, and knowledge of our product and plans. Partners will also be able to jointly offer solutions to clients where a portion of the project may be completed by the local partner, and a portion completed by SilverStripe HQ.

Our CEO, Brian Calhoun, describes the magnitude of the expansion plan, saying "This is the most exciting and ambitious expansion plan in the company's history. Two years ago we opened up our licensing from a proprietary to an open source model. That has gone significantly better than we anticipated. People all over the world are downloading and doing amazing things with our software. I am constantly impressed with the creative and diverse SilverStripe-based sites out in the world. We feel the Partner Program will allow more businesses all over the planet to gain the benefits of using our technology by having a local provider help them create excellent solutions. The Partner Program comes strictly out of demand; we had people knocking on our doors telling us that they wanted to be our international partners."

Partners Choose SilverStripe To Help Them Be More Competitive Because It Is The Best Product Available
An economic recession means website development companies are competing more amongst each other for business. SilverStripe partners tell us that our technology makes them more attractive when tendering for business.

One of the SilverStripe partners in the United Kingdom is GPMD. Having completed many SilverStripe-based projects, CEO Mark Slocock comments, "We've been using SilverStripe for about two years. Over this time we've noticed that showing SilverStripe CMS in a sales meeting can often more or less cinch the deal. Prospective customers are constantly impressed by how easy and powerful it is to manage websites, and this experience carries right through to when we've completed our work. GPMD is therefore delighted to become an official SilverStripe Partner for the UK. Not only can we continue to give our clients a user friendly and fully featured website, we now get to increase our standing in the SilverStripe community. We also benefit through the partnership program's training and support services. This connection will increase the sophistication of our use of the SilverStripe platform."

Tim Chambers is Co-Founder for USA-based SilverStripe Partner Dewey Digital. Their relationship with SilverStripe has enabled many high profile American websites to run on the SilverStripe CMS. This includes the 2008 Democratic National Convention ( and the California Women's Conference ( Tim says, "At Dewey Digital we are constantly searching for the most cutting edge and simplest solutions to help our clients better engage and communicate to an ever-evolving, increasingly connected digital world. We specifically sought out a content publishing system that could stitch together seamlessly with a host of other web services, could manage tons of different media types, languages, and platforms, and could do so in a way that brought simplicity, not complexity to the entire process. And no contest, SilverStripe was it."

Michael Hill is Managing Director for SilverStripe's Australian Partner, NOW/Media. He says he was attracted to using SilverStripe because it is "developed on an excellent open source code foundation, backed by a dedicated support team."

Next Steps for the Partner Program

SilverStripe will initially focus on gaining service delivery momentum with the initial pool of partners to ensure high-quality relationships. Future plans include carefully adding more partners globally. Companies who are interested in becoming partners are encouraged to contact us and we will work with them to determine how they may best serve the SilverStripe community.

Initial SilverStripe Partners are described at