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Agile Coaching

SilverStripe's use of Agile extends beyond processes alone, influencing everything we do. So we can coach you to broadly apply Agile to deliver successful digital projects.

By running projects in an Agile way, you are allowing your teams to deliver value to your organisation quickly and continuously through your project's lifecycle. The benefits of Agile are clear; projects are easier to deliver, more profitable, and collectively deliver a platform for change at an organisational level.

The challenge

Starting Agile without support can be daunting. Teams often give up on Agile before they’ve truly begun as while Agile methodology provides a start point, an Agile mindset is also required. Without experienced leadership, Agile can seem chaotic and frustrating, so your teams should be coached by experts to get the best results from Agile.


Reducing barriers

We help clients embrace a fully Agile approach, delivering successful digital projects that also lead to wider organisational transformation. This reduces barriers to change so that subsequent projects are easier to deliver, more profitable, and collectively deliver a platform for change at an organisational level.

Advice & review

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When you're setting up a new project to run in an Agile way, it can seem like there is a lot to plan. Accessing one of our Agile experts to review your plan and advise you on your approach could be all you need to get your project on track. You may want a high level overview of Agile approaches for your key stakeholders.

Scrum coaching and project/programme facilitation

SilverStripe has some of the best Scrum Masters and coaches around. We pride ourselves on delivering the best outcomes through our high functioning Scrum teams doing their best work.

Produce high performance teams

We can help your internal teams become high performing superstars through empowering them to take full ownership of delivery and quality of their projects.

Customised to your needs

Whether our teams are onsite with you as part of an overall scaled project, or if your developers just need a great facilitator to drive the outcomes, we are here to help.

Create a clear plan

Our experts can help map your programme of work, identify dependencies and risks, and create a roadmap across multiple streams to help your teams deliver on your organisational goals.

Project Assurance

You can support your delivery teams and and your organisation through Agile practices and coaching such as:

  • Digital Transformation execution and governance
  • Executive Agile coaching
  • Agile coaching and team mentoring
  • Project/Programme planning and governance

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