Through the delivery of intranets for large organisations, we've developed a comprehensive solution that acts as a central hub for teams to communicate and engage with each other.

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 Kotahi refers to being united in te reo Māori and it's the name we've chosen for our intranet demo. 

Intranets are no longer just a means to distribute information from management to staff. Intranets need to have content relevant to the specific roles of staff members, and they should be able to find that content quickly and reliably.

Our intranet solution has all of the critical out-of-the-box functionality plus the option to further customise your intranet for your own unique requirements.

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What you get with a SilverStripe intranet

Intranet Modular content designs

Modular content design for beautiful content creation

Intranet Modern user interface

A modern user interface for editing and viewing from any device

Intranet Information search functionality

Information and staff search functionality

Intranet Filterable events calendar alerts

Filterable event calendar & alerts

Intranet Document Management

Document management to help you share the right information

Intranet Ability to personalise

Ability to personalise your intranet

Intranet Knowledge base for FAQs

Knowledge base for FAQs

Intranet Custom intergrations

Custom integrations so you can get even more out of your intranet

An intranet that empowers your teams to...

Icon User interface design


Company vision
User generated content
Responsive design

Intranet Communicate


News & events
Streamlined onboarding
Knowledge base

Intranet Share


Processes & documents

people icons


Staff directory
Personal profile
Third party integrations

Make or Break Your Intranet

Don't build something your teams won't use. Take the time to understand why your organisation is considering an intranet and how it will be used. You understand what will work for your organisation, we've put together a list of 5 factors to consider before you start building your intranet. 

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