Development & Testing

Whether you need a solution that is out-of-the-box or highly customised, our development and testing methods suit a range of large complex website and web app projects. 


Nearly all of our projects have at least some application components. In fact, we split the SilverStripe CMS from the SilverStripe framework to accommodate this industry evolution. Doing so allows us, for example, to model your custom organisation processes and create multiple user interfaces.

Because no two web apps are the same, every project is tailored specifically to your organisation's needs. However, because the SilverStripe CMS and Framework are open source, we can build upon the foundation of the SilverStripe Cloud Platform so you can take advantage of a rich history of design and technical best practices.


Few projects start from scratch and are fully self-contained. Most likely, what we build for you will work with your existing systems or with third-party applications and databases. Every integration is different and tailored to your specific business needs in accordance with our secure design and development practices. 

In the past, we have successfully integrated with diverse systems that deal with environmental data, geospatial data, document management systems, payment gateways, journey planning systems, and many others.

Content migration

New web projects often have existing content from previous websites that needs to be migrated to the new site. We can migrate this content in a number of different ways, from manual migration to a completely automated system. We work with you to come up with the solution that's best for your particular situation.

When migrating, you need to consider:

  • The amount of content that currently exists, and the amount of content that will be created during the project
  • The state the content is in—will the content be migrated as is, or do you plan to rewrite it?
  • The current format—are you migrating already formatted web content only, or do you wish to migrate other types of documents?
  • Your internal processes for creation and review

We can write scripts to automatically pull some or all of your existing content and map it to the new site structure. We can also give you tools to easily manage large sites with many documents.

Why develop with us

Dev Project Assurance

Project assurance

We provide coaching, governance, and programme management to get you the information you need, highlight any risks that may come up, and provide reporting across the lifetime of your project.

Dev Technical assurance

Technical assurance

We support your delivery teams and your organisation in doing their best work through using SilverStripe best practices and independent reviews.

Dev Agile Methodologies

Agile methodologies

We believe in using Agile to make sure we are providing value to you and your organisation through flexibility, openness, transparency, quality, and speed of project delivery. 

Dev Best practice partnerships

Best practice partnerships

 We set your teams up with of best-of-breed partnerships with established testing companies such as Qual IT, who are dedicated to ensure there is quality and confidence surrounding your project.

Mobile devices

The number of people who expect to interact with your business at any time through mobile platforms is growing rapidly, and mobile users aren’t content with simply looking up information, but want to use services such as making a purchase or completing a survey.

At SilverStripe, we are enthusiastic users of the mobile web ourselves. We can integrate third-party services with your site and optimise them for mobile devices, or create a special version of your site that's specifically designed for mobile platforms.

Want to see the innovative work we've done with our clients? Check it out here!

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