Code Reviews

With our experts at SilverStripe, we can review the code on your website to make sure it follows best practice to keep your site secure, reliable, and running efficiently. 

The moment your website or app build begins, you need to make sure your code is consistent. Messy code makes projects harder and more time consuming. Code reviews ensure your code is easier to read and maintain for your developers, especially if you have new team members joining the project further down the line. 

Our guardians of code, the Solution Architects, perform code reviews to help make your website more secure, reliable, fast, and easily maintainable. They review the application code on your site for security, performance, and coding best practices, while also taking the time to detail where improvements to your code could be made.

How we review code

code Review code

Code review

Your website code should follow a set of best practice guidelines to keep everything clear and consistent. When our Solution Architects review your code, they focus on our best practice areas like:

  • Alignment with SilverStripe software coding conventions
  • Appropriate use of the architecture and tools offered by SilverStripe Cloud Platform or the Common Web Platform
  • Use of undesirable APIs (for example obsolete APIs and direct SQL access)
  • Other general best practices, as and where identified

code Vulnerability


They will also examine your code for any vulnerabilities like:

  • Performance deficiencies
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Sufficient coverage of unit tests
  • Sufficient user (business) and technical (developer) documentation


How we review your website's performance

code Review performance

Performance review

After reviewing your code, your website performance is reviewed. We need to make sure that your site can handle whatever your customers throw its way so you don't miss out on capturing their attention. 

Our performance review considers:

  • The capacity of your website under load and where issues may arise such as CPU, RAM, and disk space

We'll provide you with a written report and Q&A session, allowing your development team to consider, understand, and resolve any feedback we give them.

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