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Smoother deployments

There's an unmistakable aura that descends upon the room when a development team is preparing a deployment to production. It's exciting. It's cathartic. It's victory. More than anything, it's scary. SilverStripe Platform gives you the tools to deploy with confidence and ensure a smooth deployment of your website each and every time.

features deployarescaryDeployments are scary

Too often, we really don't know what's going to happen. We know that we've followed all the steps in our process. The unit tests pass, and the behaviour testing has gone smoothly. Still, we don't really know what technological surprise lurks on the other side of that big red button.

Teams may mitigate this feeling by bloating their process. They add multiple layers of redundant checks and balances that complicate and ultimately slow down deployments, making them more expensive than they need to be. When a hotfix is released, the team may short-circuit that process in haste, which just does nothing to quell the fear of deployment.

When deployments are risky, teams naturally limit how often they occur. This further increases the risk involved as releases have more changes, and more factors that could go wrong. If you can release often, without risk, then you can innovate and adapt faster.

Deploy with confidence

With SilverStripe Platform's deployment tools, that big red button is fearlessly clicked. Our powerful deployment tool is tailored for SilverStripe CMS projects and is designed to ensure development best practices are simply baked into the process as a matter of course. Technically getting your new website to your testing server and finally across to production becomes trivial.

Stop worrying. Start delivering. Leave yourself more time for the launch party.

Deployment FEATURES

Developer Dashboard

Development Dashboard

Tailored SilverStripe CMS deployment tool

features tailored deployment


View your stacks and environments 

features stack and environments


Documentation for developers

features documentation


Searchable logging to allow easy error diagnosis

features searchablelog


Snapshotting of database & assets to streamline ongoing development

features snapshot


Deployment tool

    One-click deployments and rollbacks
    Automated snapshots
    Software-defined infrastructure changes managed by SilverStripe
    Robust developer workflow and deployment practices
    Test new features on staging before deploying to production
    Bring your own Continuous Integration (CI) service for testing your code before deployments
    Get code updates out there faster and automated through Continuous Deployments (CD)(requires third party service)
    Ability to deploy project code branches and version tags
    All changes are deployed from a GitLab repository for auditability - no more hidden hotfixes!

Access controls

    Clearly defined roles with all developers able to deploy to testing environments
    Actions are logged and auditable
    Access to critical systems and their configuration is managed by our SilverStripe Platform Support Team
    SilverStripe Platform aligns well with rigorous IT service management approaches such as ITIL

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