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SilverStripe Platform Features

Free yourself from running, supporting and protecting websites to focus on what you do best: creating them. 


Faster and safer updates

Deploy quickly and reliably

Our developer dashboard lets you confidently release changes using a powerful deployment tool tailored for SilverStripe CMS. Teams can contribute to projects and deploy updates in a reliable and professional way.

See how deployments work

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Sleep Easy

Protect your applications and silence security issues

Ongoing security issues can derail projects and take you away from development. SilverStripe Platform takes care of the day-to-day security maintenance required to protect all websites.

Learn how our platform handles security distractions

Read Whitepaper Want to know more? Compare security advantages of
SilverStripe Platform over on premise solutions
Access Security Whitepaper

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Improved website performance

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Improved website performance

Optimise your website with a managed platform engineered for SilverStripe open source software. SilverStripe Platform is the perfect way to run, protect and maintain your SilverStripe applications.

Our experienced team will monitor and manage your site. You no longer need to worry about day-to-day operations. Instead focus on creating innovative ways to connect with your customers.

Experts watching your site

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Expert care to silence performance and reliability distractions

Our Platform Support Team know SilverStripe open source software inside and out. They are fanatical about optimising the performance of SilverStripe applications.

To keep your site running smoothly our SilverStripe Platform Support Team will monitor its performance around the clock. If there’s ever a critical incident that severely affects performance, you will be notified quickly and we will work to resolve it within 2 hours—even if it’s 3am!  

Get Maximum Value

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Get maximum value from the cloud and silence infrastructure distractions

Migrating your website to the cloud can be simple. Choosing a cloud hosting provider is only part of the equation. Understanding how to optimise your system configuration is the key to the best results and maximum value.

Customised cloud solutions

SilverStripe Platform offers solutions for all sizes of websites. From the multitude of AWS options and combinations, our solution architects created cloud environments optimised for SilverStripe applications.

It can take hundreds of hours to configure the infrastructure for a typical enterprise application. Harness our expertise setting up AWS environments for SilverStripe applications. Let our technical experts guide you on the best choices to ensure high reliability, value and performance. 

Eliminate traffic

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Embrace flexible cloud computing and silence hosting distractions

Cloud computing leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers SilverStripe Platform. This provides the flexibility required by modern websites.

Your site can quickly scale to ensure fast loading times even during traffic bursts. Resources reduce again when traffic decreases, so you only pay for what you need.

Keeping your website running smoothly
Outages and failures in networks or components in a system are unfortunately inevitable. SilverStripe Platform keeps your website up and running by using redundancy features only offered by AWS.

Additional Benefits

Change Management

Easy professional change management

Bring new developers up to speed quickly while ensuring robust release processes are followed. Have teams of developers working within your test environments safely for faster development while maintaining control over releases to production sites.

SilverStripe Platform integrates with ITIL and ITSM compliant agencies and similar processes.


Greater control with less risk

Stop trying to guess your future needs. Have long term certainty over cost and staff resourcing with SilverStripe Platform. Digital agencies can reduce the risks arising using bespoke approaches to multiple clients.

Standardised infrastructure and support across all projects frees web teams to focus on web projects. This improves development productivity, streamlines internal processes and allows you to benefit from our expertise in running SilverStripe applications.

Your site on SilverStripe Platform

Platform Stack Sizing

View the different options for SilverStripe Platform and decide which best suits your needs. 

Additional Services

Ensure your web team gets the best results from SilverStripe Platform with Code Care and training.