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Using the NZ Government Common Web Platform (CWP), Supporting Growth chose SilverStripe when they needed help getting a quality website set up quickly.

Supporting Growth chose SilverStripe when they needed help getting a quality website set up quickly. They wanted to improve the user experience for citizens and government staff alike. SilverStripe, on the NZ Government Common Web Platform (CWP), helped to build and set up their website.



Project background

Agencies like Supporting Growth, who are just being created, don’t originally have a website and need to get up and running quickly. People don’t know about them and have no way to find out more online. Some websites can be hard to navigate and need an easier way to add, create, and perfect content. As websites are a first port of call for these agencies, they needed a secure and robust solution.

SilverStripe was able to build Supporting Growth’s website with the basic CWP recipe to get them up and running quickly, and then used the Wātea theme to create a more visually appealing website. The Wātea theme, along with CWP, provides out-of-the-box features that meet identified common needs of NZ Government web projects. It takes away the stress of having to design a website from scratch during the build process.

Key outcomes

Running a SilverStripe site on CWP means that government agencies can focus on the online experience for citizens and their staff rather than hosting, backup, disaster recovery, and site security. It gives agencies the opportunity to have new and better websites to improve the information that was available to citizens online. It also means that government agencies are given the tools to improve the efficiency of content generation.

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