IRD News

Project Background

The New Zealand Inland Revenue Department is in charge of advising government on tax policy, collecting and disbursing payments for social support programmes and collecting tax. Silverstripe and IRD worked together to declutter their main site and create a seperate website for their media releases.

The creation of a subsite dedicated to media releases, helped to reduce the amount of content on the main site. The subsites fresh new look was designed and developed with a focus on typography, taxonomy and robust search features. A clean and simplified design allowed visitors of the media page to easily navigate to the content they wanted to view without wading through irrelevant information. Adding functionality to allow for tagging and categorisation of each news story helped to make the sites search feature accurate.

The development of the IRD media site was a first step for the agency to transform a traditionally convoluted topic into a beautifully presented and easily digestible source of news and updates.

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