Enable New Zealand provides a range of services for the older and disabled people of New Zealand. SilverStripe and Enable worked together to create a beautiful, accessible website with a powerful knowledge base to help visitors easily find the information they need.

Project Background

The Enable Network has 4 subsites, each offering different services for New Zealanders. SilverStripe has developed a new site for Firstport, a resource for anyone looking for information, advice, support or equipment relating to disability in New Zealand.

Enable’s new site was developed in line with the look and feel of the Firstport site, continuing the clear and consistent layout of the top level navigation to help visitors find information quickly. Leveraging the use of a knowledge base, Enable is framing information discovery in the form of questions rather than leaving audiences to poke around and find information on their own. A knowledge base not only helps visitors to find information but also provides Enable with valuable data to understand the on-site search behaviours of their audience.

Enable - What we do

A significant amount of effort was made to improve the information architecture across all 4 websites, helping to guide users to the right information and in some cases to another subsite entirely. The implementation of a fully responsive level zero navigation and search, helps to connect all four sites to best serve the users needs.

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