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Empower your whole organisation

What it is? DX and agile

DX Core Digital Transformation leadership

Empowering leadership

To truly digitally transform, an organisation needs to inherently enable new types of innovation and creativity through digital means, rather than simply enhance and support the traditional methods.



DX AgileAgile delivery framework

Empowering digital teams

Agile allows you to deliver business value quickly and continually throughout a project. The benefits of Agile are clear; projects are easier to deliver, more profitable, and collectively deliver a platform for change at the organisational level.

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How it works

Our DX offering is about taking your strategy and working with you to break it into executable chunks, helping you come up with smaller, more achievable plans to help you build towards the bigger goal. We also have regular check ins (weekly stand ups, and monthly reviews/retrospectives), just like any other Agile team. Getting senior management to work together across your remit is a core tactic that creates the change. We also help you recognise any blockers and help facilitate the unblocking of these - at its most simple, we are acting as DX Coaches at a leadership level.

The challenge

Being a digitally-led organisation, rather than one that uses technology to support their existing administration activities, is a difficult ask for companies with thousands of employees, assets worth billions, and established business models. It takes commitment from leadership, a planned and continuous roll-out, and a genuine persistence to change an entire cultural mindset. It is not a question of if, but when incumbent organisations make this connection and create a new era of digital engagement with their users.


Gone are the days when Agile or Tech was talked about as a ‘new fangled fad’–it is right here, right now, and it’s now a choice to get started or become obsolete. SilverStripe sees it as our job to ‘Disrupt the Disrupters’, and help these established businesses become more nimble, more responsive to change, and continue to hold their place as world leading organisations.

8 principles of Digital Transformation

DX ConsumerLedCustomer led

DX LeadershipDriveLeadership drive

DX CapabilityCapability

DX DistributedAuthorityDistributed authority

DX DataDrivenData driven

DX ResponsivenessResponsiveness

DX ManagedRiskManaged risk

DX TechnologyEnabledTechnology enabled

Digital Transformation solutions


Let's begin! SilverStripe DX 30 day plan

If you’re struggling to get started implementing your digital strategy, our 30-day plan can be a great way to kick things off, as a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Let us help you kick start your digital transformation. Be you a company of 15 or 15,000 employees, we can help your senior leadership team with creating an executable action plan - you can see real results in only one month.

Get the big picture

An initial meeting to get the lay of the land, the big picture and where you want to be.

Regular check-ins

Weekly check-ins on progress to support and build momentum.

Analysis of organisation

A thorough assessment of where your organisation sits across the 8 key DX principles using our DX Healthcheck.

Review workshop

A review workshop of how the month went, a time to reflect on lessons learnt, and then where to next.

Plan of attack

A kick-off workshop for senior leaders to create the working plan.

The challenge

Starting Agile without support can be discouraging. Without experienced leadership, Agile can seem chaotic and frustrating. Teams often give up on Agile before they’ve truly begun. While Agile methodology provides a start point, an Agile mindset is also required. Teams need to be coached to get the best results from Agile.

Reducing barriers

We help clients embrace a fully Agile approach, delivering successful digital projects that also lead to wider business transformation. This reduces barriers to change so that subsequent projects are easier to deliver, more profitable, and collectively deliver a platform for change at the organisational level.

Agile delivery solutions

DX Scrumage

Agile AdviceReviewAdvice and review

Setting up a new project can be daunting. Accessing one of our Agile experts to review your plan and advise you on your approach could be all you need to be on the right track. You may want a high level overview of Agile approaches for your key stakeholders.


Agile TrainingScrum basics training and
workshop facilitation

Teams new to Agile or Scrum can be partnered with a SilverStripe Senior Agile Project Manager.

Setup and training
They will provide the support needed to set your team up for a successful delivery, while you and your team learn the skills of Scrum.

Training for team, scrum master and product owner
This typically includes Scrum training for the team and coaching for the Scrum Master and Product Owner to ensure a success start to projects.

Customised to your needs
This can take you through the first kick off meeting, or even through the first few sprints. Solutions can be tailored to the team’s needs.

Agile FacillatorsScrum coaching and
project/programme facilitation

SilverStripe has some of the best Scrum Masters and coaches around. We pride ourselves in delivering the best outcomes through our high functioning Scrum teams doing their best work.

Produce high performance teams
We can help your internal teams become high performing superstars, empower them to take full ownership of delivery and quality.

Customised to your needs
Whether our teams are onsite with you as part of an overall scaled project, or if your developers just need a great facilitator to drive the outcomes, we are there to help.

Create a clear plan
Our experts can help map your programme of work, identify dependencies and risk, and create a roadmap across multiple streams to deliver your organisational goals.

SilverStripe's latest tool for Product Owners

In recognising a need for greater communication, SilverStripe has developed the Agile Mojo Booster to clarify the Agile process. If you're interested in becoming a Product Owner, this guide will fill you in on everything you need to know about the role. From definitions to roles and suggestions, the handbook outlines all of the key information you will need when starting your next Agile project. 


Download the Agile Mojo Booster 

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