Brand Guidelines

Welcome to our hub for all of SilverStripe's brand guidelines and assets. You can use this area of our site to become familiar with our brand material, and learn how to use it when you need to shout out to the community about SilverStripe. 

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Logo and Assets

Logotype Horizontal

Logotype Horizontal Print JPG

Logotype Horizontal Web PNG

Logotype Stacked

Logotype Stacked Print JPG

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Logo Only

Logo Only Print PNG | EPS

Logo Only Web PNG | EPS


Dark Logotype Horizontal

Dark Logotype Horizontal Print JPG

Dark Logotype Horizontal Web PNG

Dark Logotype Stacked

Dark Logotype Stacked Print JPG

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Dark Logo Only

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Dark Logo Only Web PNG | EPS


Other images

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Press enquiries:

Jessica Hill
Marketing Manager

Phone: +64 4 978 7329
[email protected]

Media assets enquiries:

Dani Smith

Phone: +64 4 978 7331
[email protected]

Updates to these guidelines

From time to time, these guidelines may need to be refreshed. When changes do happen, the team here are SilverStripe will post the current version on the guidelines here on the website. The current version will apply to any use of the SilverStripe name or logo from the data that version is posted on the website.