Meet the team

Tim Copeland

Director / Co-founder

Tim is one of Silverstripe's three co-founders. Over the past ten years Tim has helped shape numerous projects, working with a wide range of clients from early stage startups, to large public sector organisations around the world. He is a graduate of Victoria University Wellington, being the youngest person ever accepted into their MBA program.

Tim was CEO of Silverstripe for its first seven years, and the Chairman of Unlimited Potential (Wellington's largest IT network), before stepping aside to focus on the international growth of the company. Tim also acts as an independent advisor for several private companies.

Tim has a keen interest in emerging technologies, both on and off the web. He’s passionate about bringing GIS technology to the web, building next generation ecommerce sites, and unifying business and customers via connected and self-servicing websites and internets.

In his free time, he enjoys traveling, scuba diving, coffee on a cold day, and beer on a hot day. In the early days of Silverstripe Tim also wrote code, but having been outclassed by everyone else in the company, he only does this at home when no-one else is looking. He's also recently got into molecular gastronomy (cooking for geeks), the end product of which looks much better than his code.