Meet the team

Stig Lindqvist

Principal Developer

Stig moved from Sweden to work as a developer at Silverstripe. His toolbox consists of popular and proven open source technologies. He has a decade of experience in delivering websites to clients and companies around the world.

This Scandinavian has a long history with creating websites. His first website was made with the help of a 28.8k modem and a notepad in 1996. Since then he has built blogs, CMSs, online marketplaces and communities as a consultant and as an employee. He is a Zend Certified Engineer and shows his knowledge in PHP5, RDBMS and security among other things.

He is interested in getting better at other programming languages and also making his own AI.

In his spare time, he tinkers with creating extremely fast websites, taking his hamster for long walks in the woods and finding the best New Zealand wine.