Meet the team

Sigurd Magnusson

Director / Co-founder

Sigurd is one of Silverstripe’s three co-founders.

He's been living and breathing the internet since 1995 when the Wellington City Council provided the region's only internet service, then entirely text-based. The potential of the internet piqued his interest and he began learning computer programming.

Sigurd's strong technical ability and excellent people skills add valuable depth to Silverstripe. While now less involved with programming, his interest and experience with the technologies that form the internet make him extremely useful in identifying how technology can be used to push boundaries and solve human challenges.

Sigurd is an evangelist for the principles and technology of the web, and is an avid supporter of open source, open data, and the web as a modern software platform.

Off the web, he enjoys spending time with his family, mountain biking, camping, and experiencing foreign cultures.

Here are some of the ways you can reach Sigurd: