Meet the team

Sherry Shahbazi


Sherry is a developer at Silverstripe.

She graduated from The University of Auckland with a Masters of Engineering in 2015. After that, she started on her developer career. Since then she has worked on many challenging projects before moving to Silverstripe.

Sherry is always looking for challenging and rewarding opportunities while using open sourced materials to design and implement Web-based solutions. She wants to create innovative solutions to problems faced by the population and that are beloved by millions and bring people happiness and joy. She is interested in analysing problems and web development, and believes that her enthusiasm for learning new things allows her to innovate and grow.

In her spare time, she plays basketball, joins development meetups, works on her personal projects and occasionally blogs about her learning. She is interested in heaps of other activities like hanging out with friends, reading books, hiking, running, board games, yoga and travelling.