Meet the team

Katie Elks

Senior Delivery Lead

Katie is one of Silverstripe's Senior Delivery Leads, currently working with our awesome SilverHawks team. Katie loves the challenge of the Scrum-Master-come-Project-Manager role and is passionate about building great client relationships and helping people develop an Agile mindset.

With a background in office and project management, Katie excels at tasks that require outstanding organisation, communication and management skills. Katie is passionate about working with people and is always the 'go-to' person in professional environments to solve problems in all shapes and sizes.

Katie began her career in the Agile web development world at Silverstripe when she returned to her hometown of Wellington, after a couple of years being on the client end in the UK.

When Katie is not herding developers, she can be found around Wellington's cafes and restaurants or hanging out with her three cats in her ever changing garden.