Meet the team

Jakub Dolba

Senior Developer

Jakub is a Senior Developer who prefers simple but functional and efficient code.

He gained all his experience in the Czech Republic, from where he originates. The very specific and competitive e-commerce market in Central Europe taught him a lot about client needs, importance of automatisation and processes.
More than 6 years of creating, maintaining and extending large e-shops and web applications taught him patience.

Interest in different kinds of frameworks, programming languages and design patterns keeps him motivated to learn. As he says: "The more I know the less I know". Programming is not just work for him. It is something that he likes to do.

But he also acknowledges that other interests and hobbies are important. In his free time you will find Jakub hiking on mountains, playing badminton or running at night. Other times he can be found with good beer and friends. He likes Star Wars, Tarrantino movies, Marvel movies etc. but he always enjoys good old Czech comedies.