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Flo Suckling

Delivery Lead

Flo Sucklings's profile photo

You want delivery? With Flo, you’ve got it! As one of our incredible Delivery Leads, Flo dedicates all her time to managing projects across their entire lifecycle. She gets in there with the team to help deliver the results our clients are looking for. And it’s not just developers that she’s keeping on track—there are designers and content writers and stakeholders to take on the journey too.

Now, Flo’s career didn’t start here but we’re glad it brought her to us! Her first four years in the project management space were spent at The Mind Lab, where the focus was on the intersection between technology and people and how to prepare different industries for the Future of Work. Her time there as a project manager saw her working across several products and programme builds as well as being an internal product manager for platforms so she’s the perfect fit for our teams.

As an avid dog lover, Flo, unfortunately, doesn’t own one just yet but she does enjoy offering her dog-sitting services to anyone who will let her. When she’s not taking care of her pals' pooches, Flo escapes the concrete jungle of Auckland and sees her family in Mangawhai and the Coromandel where you’ll find her with a good gin and tonic in the sun.