Meet the team

Andrew Dunn

Senior Developer

Andrew is a Senior Developer on the Silverstripe Quantum Dragons team. Originally from Sheffield, England, he moved to New Zealand with his young family in 2017.

He has over 16 years of experience as a Web Applications Developer building enterprise systems for data management and reporting. Prior to that he obtained a bachelors degree in Computer Aided Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University.

With an attention to detail and a love for continuous learning, he is passionate about using modern JavaScript libraries to produce clean user interfaces that provide intuitive user experiences. He comes from an Agile development background and loves how this way of working can truly bring out the best in a team for delivering results in an efficient manner.

When not building fun stuff with open source libraries, Andrew enjoys days out with his family, researching the best brunch spots in and around Wellington, and helping his son build awesome Lego creations. His interests include badminton, board gaming and playing acoustic guitar.