Meet the team

Andrew Aitken-Fincham

Senior Web Developer

Andrew Aitken-Fincham's profile photo

A problem-solver at heart, Andrew takes all the complicated pieces from you and puts them together behind the scenes so that they’re easy-to-use, no matter what he’s building. With a drive to fix all the things, he is happiest at work when he’s doing just that—whether it be finding an elegant solution to a feature, realising a vision, or squashing the occasional bug.

Andrew’s goal is to build something that people will remember and we’ve certainly never forgotten about him! You guessed it, this isn’t his first stint with us. In fact, Andrew came to us a year after he decided that digging in the rain as a labourer wasn’t fun anymore and getting the diploma to back it up. He spent a few years in our Ops team in Wellington and London, even branching out to a few different agencies before coming back home to New Zealand—and back to us too!

So when Andrew isn’t fixing things, what’s he doing? Well, apart from the dread of checking football scores in the morning or puffing along in a 5-a-side, his relaxation time is filled with listening to podcasts about music and wishing he still had more time to get out there and play. And not to forget the most important thing: making banana pancakes with his daughter.