Our brand

Policies for Brand Guidelines

When you're talking about Silverstripe in the community, we want to make sure we're helping in any way we can. To make it easier for you, we've set up some policies around some essential details about how you can use Silverstripe.

How to use our brand guidelines

To bring the Silverstripe brand to life, we've made sure our visual identity remains consistent across all that we do. We strive to ensure all aspects of our brand are informed by our core values, to create a sense of cohesion for our community. Always keep in mind:

  1. We want to encourage and help community members to spread and improve Silverstripe CMS
  2. Allow Silverstripe to be a strong, cohesive brand by helping internal and external communication be presented in a unified way
  3. We want to make it clear how Silverstripe-related businesses can and can not use the name and logo
  4. We want to protect the Silverstripe brand by preventing misuse and confusion for those seeking out official Silverstripe resources

Using Silverstripe's name and logo

Silverstripe, along with other contributors to Silverstripe CMS, provides open-source tools that they make available under the BSD licence. This means you are welcome to set up a business based on this Software and sell your expertise and code provided you comply with the terms of the BSD licence.  

Silverstripe Limited owns the rights to the Silverstripe name and logo. The BSD license, under which anyone is able to use Silverstripe CMS, does not cover the use of the Silverstripe name and logo. In order to use the Silverstripe name or logo, you need a licence from Silverstripe Limited. Silverstripe Limited grants any person a licence to use the Silverstripe name and logo under and in accordance with these guidelines if they meet the criteria set out in the brand guidelines. For any other use, you must enter into a written agreement with Silverstripe Limited. This will help prevent confusion for those seeking out official Silverstripe resources.