About us

Our brand

As our products and services have evolved to meet the changing needs of our clients, our brand has evolved too. 

Our logo

Our logo is composed of a simple, elegant icon and a clear wordmark. It is a reflection of who we are—bright, bold, and to the point. 

You'll notice that there is no more capital "s" in the middle of Silverstripe. When we started out, the name Silverstripe came from a type of bamboo that clumps together, representing the idea of a community growing together to build the tools we need to create better web platforms. We're going back to our roots and removing the capital "s" to bring back the idea of working as one team that is helping organisations shape modern life through the lens of technology. 

Our brand family

When we first started out, Silverstripe was everything we did—from our CMS to our professional services. Over the years, we've added to what we do so we've decided to make our brand family a little bigger, and create a distinction between our products and services.

Silverstripe is our parent brand—it covers all our services, programs, and initiatives. Wherever you see Silverstripe, you're seeing our whole organisation and what we represent.



For our products, we're trying something a little different. We've created sub-brands for Silverstripe CMS and Silverstripe Cloud to show off what they have to offer that's unique to what the Silverstripe brand does. 

Our colours

With a brighter and bolder logo, it was time for a bright and bolder colour palette. As an important part of the Silverstripe brand and our personality, we wanted to bring together a range of colours that represents the different sides of who we are. 

Our main colour has changed to Bright Blue (#005AE1) to show off our fun, trusting nature while giving you a glimpse of how we're evolving alongside our business. Our vibrant accent colours can be used with our logo or icon, creating different colour combinations to suit whatever situation you need them for. 

Our font

Meet our primary typeface, Averta. Averta is a geometric sans serif family made by the award-winning designer Kostas Bartsokas. The purely geometric rounds, open apertures, and its low contrast strokes express an unmoderated, straightforward tone, resulting in a modern, neutralist, and friendly typeface. Averta has a simple and appealing personality, and multiple weight which makes it adaptable for any situation—just like us. 

More information

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? You have access to all our brand material so you can become familiar with our brand and learn how to use it when you want to shout out to the community about Silverstripe.