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Public Sector Solutions

SilverStripe has the platform, professional services, experience, and vision to produce leading government websites and online systems. SilverStripe is involved with a variety of public sector agencies, panels and initiatives globally. 

How public sector web teams benefit

We help public sector agencies make more effective use of their online channels and technology. SilverStripe powers a wide variety of public sector applications from simple informational websites through to complex, interactive, transactional web-applications. This enables people and businesses to interact with government easily, efficiently, and at any time. We also support government with federated, interoperable, open data systems that provide best-practice machine-readable open access to vast quantities of government data.

Open source benefits public sector agencies through the proactive re-use and sharing of software developments, and through enabling interoperability. Unlike proprietary software, the investment of governments into applications can be easily shared to benefit citizens across multiple agencies and countries.

Public sector can greatly reduce the cost to create online systems by using open source software that avoids licensing costs, standardising on common tools, adopting efficient methodologies, and by selecting tools and software that are efficient to setup and use.

We proactively identify new approaches and techniques of using technology, design, processes, and methodologies. Working with SilverStripe means more than just adopting modern best practices, it is about creating systems which become references and a source of inspiration to government agencies and organisations globally.

How SilverStripe is used in public sector

SilverStripe open source has been used to build all types of government sites in New Zealand, Australia, UK & Europe, the USA and throughout the globe. The flexible SilverStripe Framework is well suited to building:

  • Informational websites: The intuitive SilverStripe CMS is a great choice for sites that need self-sufficient management by teams. SilverStripe CMS lets content editors get to speed quickly with little training. SilverStripe is used for both large government agency and smaller council applications (see who is currently using SilverStripe in public sector).
  • Online data systems: SilverStripe enables data and catalogues of open data to be shared with other agencies and the public (such as and One of the pillars of open and transparent government is open government data and information. Opening up this information for access and re-use has considerable and widespread benefits to government, industry and the public. SilverStripe is a strong proponent for Open Data, and is very supportive of the New Zealand government's mandate for open data
  • Transactional systems: The flexible SilverStripe Framework connects to third parties to enable online payment of rates, infringements, consents. Fully fledged online self-service systems can be built with with private data and payment facilities.
  • Democratic systems: SilverStripe has been used for sites that allow citizens to make submissions on issues as well as educating on election processes and candidates.
Standards, compliance, and interoperability

Working with government requires knowledge and skill in achieving compliance to a number of standards. Our technology and services support meeting:

The New Zealand Government common web platform

The Common Web Platform is a Platform as a Service offering for delivering New Zealand government websites. SilverStripe Ltd is under contract to Department of Internal Affairs to provide the platform. The platform was launched in September 2013.

The Common Web Platform includes: 

  • A managed hosting infrastructure jointly provided by Revera and SilverStripe, including backups and disaster recovery.
  • SilverStripe CMS, tailored and enhanced for New Zealand Government use.
  • Templates and modules to quickly build websites.
  • The facility for agencies and their suppliers to fully customise website design and features, and CMS functionality.
  • A source code management and sharing platform.
  • A commercial service solution including online management portal, helpdesk, professional services, code reviews, software upgrades, and service levels.

Please watch the following introductory business and technical summary of the Common Web Platform which was given to audiences over February - March 2013. The video is presented by Bene Anderson (DIA) and Sigurd Magnusson (SilverStripe).


More information:

New Zealand syndicated web professional services panel area

In September 2012, Department of Internal Affairs established a cross-government initiative to reduce the costs and increase the effectiveness of government websites. The panel provides simpler procurement rules, consistent contracts, and a degree of comfort that agencies are working with a trusted supplier. This Web Professional Services panel is open to a wide range of agengies.  A full schedule of eligible agencies and further information is available at the website.

SilverStripe Ltd can be contracted under this panel across six separate skill areas:

  • Information Archicture
  • Usability
  • Design
  • Front End Development
  • Testing
  • Accessibility

Australian public sector use

Australian public sector use

State Government

Australian Government panels

SilverStripe Australia Pty Ltd is a member of the following panels;

Federal Government

  • Department of Communications - Online Solutions Services Panel(All agencies may participate in this Standing Offer)
  • AGIMO (DCaaS - Cloud Hosting, Data Centre as a Service)

State Government

  • NSW Government – ICT Services Scheme (Advanced Registered Supplier List in progress)

  • Victorian Government - eServices Panel
  • Tasmania Government - GITC

  • South Australian Government - eProjects Panel

  • Queensland Government - GITC Contract (#Q-5574)

USA public sector use

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