Content Management System training

SilverStripe provides Content Management System (CMS) training for editors and administrators using the New Zealand Government Common Web Platform.

If you seek training for a website that has been modified from the standard CWP install, or seek training for a SilverStripe CMS website not running on the platform, please get in touch to discuss options.

Dates Please email to arrange a date which suits you.
Cost Content Editor: $500+GST per person
Content Administrator: $500+GST per person
Private Session: $1,500+GST for up to 6 people (save $1,500)
Venue SilverStripe (Level 5, Saatchi & Saatchi Building, 101-103 Courtenay Place, Wellington)

Training is a 3 hour course, designed to give non-technical communications and business staff the general skills to effectively use the SilverStripe CMS for publishing agency websites. Courses focus on either content editing or administration tasks based on learning requirements, such as the following: 

Content Editor Tasks:

  • Add and move pages
  • Manage the sitemap
  • Edit pages, with various text and heading styles, links, images, tables, and videos
  • Publish pages, or requesting approval for publishing pages, if your access is limited
  • Preview content prior to publishing
  • Automatically publishing and removing content on a schedule
  • Review or restore earlier versions of a page
  • Create online forms
  • Uploading content from Microsoft Word
  • Publishing content in other languages
  • Reuse content on your site
  • Make use of the various built-in page templates and page types provided by the system

Content Administrators Tasks:

  • Basic overview of content editing tasks above
  • General guidance on the administrator role
  • Setting up users and privileges
  • Securing pages
  • Managing site-wide settings
  • Managing taxonomies and online databases
  • Managing multiple sites off one installation
  • Opportunity for Q+A

Dedicated sessions can also be provided for:

  • Configuring content workflow rules
  • Using data migration tools (requires a some knowledge of HTML)
  • Or tailored to other specific learning requirements and customised CMS interfaces

Please email to arrange training. 

CWP developer essentials

SilverStripe Developer Essentials is for developers wanting to build websites on the New Zealand Government Common Web Platform. Please get in touch if you require developer training for other situations.

Dates (next sessions)

29th - 30th January 2015

12th - 13th March 2015

14th - 15th May 2015

16th - 17th July 2015

Cost $1500+GST per person

SilverStripe Offices - Level 5, 101-103 Courtney Place, Wellington.

SilverStripe’s CWP Developer Essentials is a two-day introductory course designed to take developers and give them the skills needed to deliver high-quality SilverStripe websites, with a special focus on the tools provided by CWP:

  • Learn best practice approaches from the masters of the product
  • More effective and efficient than self-teaching – get the answers you need straight away
  • Two-day opportunity to learn and have your questions answered by one of SilverStripe’s team

The Developer Training programmes are targeted at web developers. Solution architects may also find the content useful.

Attendees should:

  • Have some form of web development experience. Building a SilverStripe site is done by writing PHP code as well as HTML templates, JavaScript, and CSS. You don’t need to be an expert developer, but you should know the difference between an ‘if block’ and a ‘for loop’
  • Have a moderate familiarity with PHP. We will briefly recap on the basic language structures, but we will not be providing PHP training in the course. If you are not familiar with PHP, we recommend the CodeAcademy tutorials

The training material goes through the process of working with the SilverStripe software stack, building and publishing a basic informational websites, and best practice workflow for deployments on CWP.


  • Laptops with development environment supplied
  • A tour of the CMS, and the modules available with CWP
  • Basic concepts in SilverStripe development
  • Getting and installing the SilverStripe software stack using composer
  • Creating custom page types and templates
  • Creating custom forms and simple back-end functionality
  • Customising the CMS
  • Creating custom database user-interfaces (with ‘ModelAdmin’ and ‘GridField’)
  • Extending core modules
  • Setting up custom access rights and creating private content
  • Deployments to staging and production with CWP
  • Security and Performance Best Practices

To register for developer training:

Please email with:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Any dietary requirements
  4. Training Date
  5. A sentence describing current knowledge of PHP and SilverStripe CMS to date (please note this is an introductory level course in SilverStripe).
  6. If applicable, a cost code for invoicing. (This can be supplied later, to enable you to reserve a place first.)