Code Management Warranty

The idea of the Warranted Open Source Management Model is new, and pioneered by SilverStripe Australia. It provides a warranty on an open source product and the code contributions to it, not just by SilverStripe, but by any developer including any internal developers the client wishes to work with, Certified Partners and any third party company that is engaged to work on the system.

One of the benefits of using proprietary software is the warranty and the safety that it can provide. The benefit of an open source product is that there is normally no vendor lock in, however many open source companies offer assurance only with a change from the open source licence to a proprietary licence and therefore introduce a vendor-lock. The SilverStripe Code Management Warranty provides the openness and flexibility of being able to work with anyone at any stage, and knowing quality code is going to be produced. The code is then certified through the code management system, and assurance of warranty of the code base through the core vendor, SilverStripe.

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We offer a range of web hosting solutions for client websites and applications. You can choose between several shared server options, or, if your project requires it, even have a dedicated machine which is yours alone.

SilverStripe works with a number industrial-strength Cloud hosting facilities in New Zealand, Australia, and the US, with all the features needed to keep your sites running reliably. This includes daily off-site backups and outage SMS notifications to our support staff (and if you wish, to you). All hosting solutions come with a generous allotment for traffic and disk space, which can be increased as your needs change.

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SilverStripe offers professional paid support, which includes:

  • Hourly support for new and existing clients.
  • Pre-paid support retainers for new and existing clients.
  • Hourly or daily support for organisations and agencies developing with SilverStripe software.
  • Developer mentoring.
  • Phone and email support.

Please contact us to discuss a support arrangement tailored to your needs.

If you are looking for help with our open source product, refer to the Help & Support section on our open source community website,


Going live does not mark the end of a project. Your website needs to remain up to date at all times. As your business grows you may want to add additional content or features. Or, you may want to take advantage of new functionality in updated versions of our open source product. Or you may simply want us to tweak the design.

Whatever your ongoing needs are, you are likely to have a number of changes you'd like to make. We recommend that you enter into our Retainer Support Plan once your site is out of warranty. Retainers are pre-paid support hours on a quarterly basis. With a retainer, you purchase our time and the assurance of dedicated resources from us because we schedule retainer time just like we schedule projects.

We offer a number of different retainer options, from a few hours to several weeks per quarter, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. You can use your retainer time for support issues or small feature enhancements. As you use up your hours in your retainer, we'll let you know so you can choose how best to use remaining hours. 

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