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About SilverStripe

SilverStripe CMS is an open source web content management system used by government organisations, businesses and non-profit organisations around the world. The CMS is an easy to customise power tool for professional web developers and easy to use for web content authors. With over 870,000 downloads and more than 20,000 members in the online community the CMS is widely known and supported.

The CMS is written in PHP and can be used within a Linux, Windows or Apple environment. SilverStripe was the first Open Source CMS to be certified by Microsoft, in May 2010.

Tim Copeland, Sam Minnée and Sigurd Magnusson founded SilverStripe Ltd in 2000 in Wellington, New Zealand. In 2006 SilverStripe decided to release the CMS under the open source BSD license. The decision to do so was based on the idea that open source simply produces better software through the support and input of the community.

Code, content and design are separated from each other within the CMS, which makes teamwork more productive. Along with the CMS, clients can also use SilverStripe Platform to manage and support their application in the cloud. SilverStripe Platform is designed for organisations who treat websites and web applications as strategic to their business, and for the development teams who serve them. This is especially important for companies in which website downtime would result in major revenue loss.

SilverStripe Ltd offers highly customised web solutions based on the SilverStripe CMS and framework, with customers including local clients like Westpac, Meridian, AA, and Skinny Mobile plus a number of government agencies and local councils. SilverStripe has also gained traction overseas and was the platform of choice to run the US Democratic National Convention website that supported Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Today, SilverStripe has about 60 staff in its Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne and London offices, as well as partners throughout the world.

Brand usage for Open Source products

SilverStripe encourages any kind of evangelism for the SilverStripe suite and its products. If you are a community member and you want to set up a business based on the SilverStripe open source tools, you are welcome to do so. The BSD licence gives you the right to sell your code.

Some people are then seeking to develop an obvious connection between their business and the SilverStripe brand. That is understandable and SilverStripe supports this effort, as long as users adhere to a couple of golden rules;

  1. You may not use the word ‘SilverStripe’ in your business name. ‘SilverStripe’ is a trademark and as such is protected from the use of others.
  2. The same goes for the logo. If you create a logo for your business, please stay away from using the SilverStripe logo, or part thereof, as shown on this page.

Examples of community members who have made a great connection to the SilverStripe brand:



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