National Broadband Map

Site purpose

The State Services Commission (SSC) built the National Broadband Map to provide a clear view New Zealand's broadband landscape.

The map shows the gaps between demand for high-speed broadband and its current availability from telecommunications service providers, which helps demand aggregation and infrastructure planning.

What we did

  • We built a mapping system based on Google Maps which displays demand for broadband by geographic location.
  • We pulled in data from telecommunications service providers to show current availability of high-speed internet.
  • We built a rich web application that is also accessible and e-government compliant.
  • We created RESTful and SOAP APIs so that other website developers can have programmatic access to the map data.

What users can do now

  • Users can use the visual representation of the map to access the data from the National Broadband Map.
  • Users can add their own demand data to the map when they register to the site.
  • Users and other project developers have access to the underlying raw data via open APIs.