Site purpose

1-Night offers online event ticketing with instant delivery. Card ticketing eliminates printing and shipping of individual tickets - other ticket agencies send out literally millions of couriers a year. 1-Night uses SilverStripe technology to make a typically wasteful industry more efficient and kinder on the environment.

The site serves two primary audiences - gig goers, and gig promoters. The public use the site to buy tickets to things they want to attend, which are then loaded onto a special card they use to be scanned into gigs. They also receive e-tickets they can use as backups, and the card registration system means they don’t need to worry if their card gets lost.

Promoters use the site as an easy way to sell tickets to events they are organising, and as a system for working the guest list. Using the 1-Night system avoids scalping or fake tickets, and makes it easy to promote and sell merchandise as well.

What we did

SilverStripe wrote the underlying software and ticketing database, which includes integration with the Eftpos network, and also with mobile phone-based ticketing solutions.

Ticketing is a mission critical business. The whole system needs to be running at all times, whether it’s PDF (e-ticket) generation, payments through DPS or management of databases. In anticipation of popular events, we made sure that the site works in high performance environments and can deal with large spikes of traffic.

SilverStripe provides ongoing consultancy and development support to 1-Night. In addition to our technical expertise, we also provided mentoring. 1-Night was not only a new client for us, it was also a new start-up. Drawing on our own experiences, we were able to assist with business planning, commercial models and raising capital.







What users can do now

Users can find information about upcoming gigs, then purchase tickets that are automagically loaded onto cards they scan at venues. They can also preload drinks and merchandise onto their cards. While most ticket sites will let you buy multiple tickets at once, they’re usually grouped together which means often means standing outside in the cold waiting for friends. 1-Night sends out individual e-tickets so people can arrive at different times.

As well as tickets being available online, 1-Night is available in a number of outlets nationwide. Users can take their cards into shops to get tickets loaded on them, or if they don’t already have a card, they are given one with any ticket purchase. All the loading instore is done through a web interface, so no hardware or printers are needed, and every ticket sold offline is reported in real time, the same as any purchase online would be.

Event promoters are given an easy-to-use dashboard with which to monitor ticket sales, pre-sell drinks, and more. They also get access to the best door-scanning hardware in the industry, an easy payment system, and real time reporting and fast settlement.

By managing all sales through one system, there is a lower transaction cost for both the public and the promoters, and reducing paper use is better for the environment.

Measures of success

  • In a very crowded space, 1-Night is wildly acclaimed as the most innovative ticketing solution.
  • Just four months after their launch, 1-Night is the vendor for the Lake Hawea New Year’s Eve festival, the second-largest festival in the South Island.
  • The flexible architecture of 1-Night allows for rapid ongoing development. They are able to respond to client requests and build new features quickly.
  • The conceptual work done by SilverStripe enables 1-Night to have a scalable hosting infrastructure, so when they experience peaks of traffic, they are able to spin up more servers.
  • SilverStripe delivered the project 20% under budget.