Starting in one week, Friday 9th November, we're making a commitment to have several of the core developers of SilverStripe available on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for an hour each week, so that you can ask questions, get support, and find out what's new.

We'd love for people to show up if you need, or can provide, SilverStripe advice!

Finding a good time is tricky. We'll be holding it at 0830 in the morning each Friday in New Zealand time, given this is where the core team is. Dependant on daylight savings, we're around 20 hours ahead of San Francisco, and 12 hours ahead of England, so be aware that this means it will be Thursday afternoon or evening for much of the world... 

See's International Meeting Planner for the time where you live. 

GMT / UTC / London 1930 - 2030 each Thursday
New Zealand (Daylight Savings Time)
0830 - 0930 each Friday
San Francisco (PST)
1130 - 1230 each Thursday 
New York (EST)
1430 - 1530 each Thursday 
Sydney, Australia 0630 - 0730 each Friday

How to connect

Just visit and type in a name you want to be known as.

Or if you want to spend a few minutes downloading and installing an IRC program so that you have a slightly nicer chatting experience, try out Colloquy (Mac, Instructions) or mIRC (Windows) and connect to:

#silverstripe on 

We look forward to seeing you in the chat channel each week, and hopefully at times inbetween!

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very sweet - great idea!

Posted on 2 Nov 2007 by xeraa

Great idea, it will be good to see people around on IRC. For Mac users, there's also X-Chat Aqua you can use to connect to IRC. It's X-Chat, a well known client for *nix based operating systems, with a Mac-like interface on top.

Posted on 1 Nov 2007 by Sean