This week we have been most grateful to the Google Open Source office who are with us in Portland, USA. Leslie has shown me what a great laugh she and the Google team is... thanks for the  T-Shirts, dinner and great conversation!


Last night a SilverStripe contingent participated in the Google Summer of Code Community Gathering. We soon found ourselves eating great pizza downtown with two of our students, Elijah Lofgren (Usability improvements) and Will Scott (SEO work). It was simply fantastic for us to meet each other and celebrate the work we've done remotely over the past months...

(Top photo: Leslie shows Sig how to behave properly in America.
Bottom: Sam, Leslie, Will, Elijah, Sig)

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It was great meeting you guys! I really enjoyed it. :)

Posted on 29 Jul 2007 by Elijah Lofgren

Speaking of which, where is my mentor t-shirt? ;-) Sounds like you guys are having a great time!

Posted on 28 Jul 2007 by Sean